The Extraordinary Fabric that Supports Canine Joint Health!

The Extraordinary Fabric that Supports Canine Joint Health!

Welltex® technology helps support dogs with osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal problems, and sports injuries so that joint pain and discomfort don’t affect their quality of life.

Experts estimate that around 20% of dogs experience osteoarthritis or joint discomfort. And the numbers are even higher for athletic/working dogs and seniors. In fact, once a dog reaches eight years old, their chances of developing arthritis could be as high as 80%. Joint discomfort and musculoskeletal problems can impact a dog’s quality of life in many ways, especially for high-energy breeds, working dogs, and athletes who are always on the move. Let’s explore how joint and mobility problems can impact your dog and how Welltex® technology can help improve their health and vitality.

Pain and Discomfort

Osteoarthritis is a painful condition, and the pain and discomfort may lead to changes in your dog’s behavior. You might notice decreased activity, reluctance to move, or difficulty getting up or lying down. Your dog may even become less playful and enthusiastic about activities they once enjoyed.

Reduced Mobility and Independence

Joint and muscular pain often results in decreased mobility and flexibility. Dogs may have difficulty climbing stairs, jumping onto furniture, or even going for walks. The limited movement can make it challenging for them to engage in normal daily activities. What’s more, the pain may impact your dog’s ability to groom themselves, go to the bathroom, or reach food and water bowls.

Reduced mobility can take an even bigger toll on working dogs and athletes who rely on regular exercise and performing tasks to maintain their physical and emotional health.

Weight Gain

It’s not uncommon for dogs with joint pain to gain weight because they’re moving and exercising less. The extra weight can exacerbate joint issues, creating a vicious cycle.

Poor Mental Health

Chronic pain can have psychological effects on dogs. You may notice changes in their mood and behavior. Your pup may become irritable, anxious, or even depressed. Pain can also interfere with their sleep, causing further distress.

Social Isolation

Dogs in pain may become less social. They may avoid interactions with other animals or people due to discomfort. This withdrawal from social activities can cause loneliness that impacts your dog’s physical and mental well-being.

Managing Joint Pain with Far-Infrared Energy

All dogs deserve to live pain-free lives. Back on Track is dedicated to creating products that help people, pets, and horses live more active and comfortable lives. To that end, Back on Track combined ancient Eastern healing practices with modern textile technology and production methods to create Welltex®, a therapeutic textile material.

Welltex is infused with a proprietary blend of minerals that reflect body energy back to the surface from which it came, in the form of long-wave far infrared (FIR) energy. By helping to promote increased circulation and oxygenation, the material helps to alleviate joint and muscular pain and discomfort, reduce inflammation, and promote faster healing. It’s ideal for all dogs of any age, including ones who love sports and agility training, because it can help minimize the discomfort associated with arthritis, joint pain, muscle fatigue, injuries, and muscle stiffness.

Designed for pups of all sizes, ages, and lifestyles, dogs can benefit from Back on Track’s advanced textile technology, Welltex, which includes a wide assortment of beds, crate liners, joint wraps, and coats. Great to help dogs properly prepare for whatever the day may bring, perform with comfort at the highest level, or recover after a long day. Whether your pooch is a couch potato, an avid exerciser, or a performance dog, it’s a technology worth checking out.

Visit Back on Track today to learn more about their full product lines for people, pets and horses.

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