Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs

Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs

“The power of light is always bigger than the power of darkness.” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi may not have been speaking about the photon light used in laser therapy here, but he might as well have been! With more than 8,000 clinical studies producing positive proof of its power to reduce pain and inflammation, and hasten healing, low-level cold laser therapy takes healing for pets to the next level. Read on for all the reasons cold laser therapy for dogs and cats might be your best friend’s new best friend.

There is nothing quite like the sight of your pooch in pain to tug at the heartstrings. It’s little wonder really that vets are so busy – as pet parents we will do just about anything to relieve our furry friends of anything that ails them. But what if we told you there was a way to relieve your dog’s aches and pains – and even heal wounds – faster, more efficiently, and without all the fuss, stress, and dollars associated with traditional vet visits and laser therapy clinics?

Enter low-level cold laser therapy, also known as Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT): a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that uses low-level cold laser light photons to stimulate healing at the cellular level.

More to the point: enter Dog Med Laser – the very first cold laser therapy tool designed specifically for pets (dogs and cats) and certified for at-home use. (Keep reading for more on the Dog Med Laser Difference. Spoiler alert: it’s a game-changing solution to pooch pain and injury management.)

Reasons Your Best Friend May Benefit from Laser Therapy for Dogs

If your dog suffers from any sort of muscle or joint pain, or any other kind of injury, cold laser therapy is light years ahead in terms of speeding up and improving the healing processes. Here are just some of the reasons PBMT might be right for your dog.

Older Dogs & Joint Disorders

It’s no secret that pain can be debilitating to the point of affecting quality of life. Cold laser delivers pain relief, better amplitude of movement, comfort and overall wellbeing for older dogs with degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, disk or spine issues, or any other orthopedic disorder.

Common Injuries

Cold laser therapy reduces pain caused by common injuries, speeds up internal and external wound healing, and accelerates full recovery.

Post-Surgery Recovery

PBMT uses highly concentrated coherent and diffracted laser light photons delivered to the surgery wound to stimulate cells and accelerate wound closure. This reduces the risks of infection, as well as inflammation, pain and any muscle spasms your pet may be experiencing. PBMT also greatly improves dogs’ physical rehabilitation programs especially after TPLO surgery.

Agility Dogs

PBMT is also known to improve training and competition performances, by increasing blood flow and local oxygen delivery, relieving muscle stiffness, and improving mobility. (Side note: rumor has it several football teams have discovered the amazing powers of PBMT!)

The Dog Med Laser Difference

By now you’re likely sold on the power of low-level laser to heal your pup from his pain. Indeed, your vet may already have put you onto the power of PBMT – it is already widely used by veterinarian clinics.

But, as any pet parent can agree, vet visits aren’t always the ideal solution – for your pet’s perturbation or your pocketbook. Which is where Dog Med Laser comes in:

Convenient At-Home Use

One of the standout features of Dog Med Laser is that it is the first PBMT device designed specifically for pets and certified for home use. This allows you to provide your dog with regular therapy sessions in a familiar and comfortable environment. No stressful trips to the vet, no waiting rooms, no strange machines.

See the Dog Med Laser in ActionEase of Use

Perhaps you’re wondering though… “How can I administer laser therapy to my dog when he won’t even let me clip his nails?” Dog Med Laser simplifies the process with a user-friendly design, complete with two brushes, one with short bristles, and a second with long bristles for medium or long hair. These brushes serve two purposes:

  1. They split the hair to deliver better access to the skin, and
  2. They are designed to deliver a nice soothing massage to the dog or cat receiving the treatments.

All of which to say: this innovative laser therapy tool is easy to handle. More importantly, dogs actually love it! The gentle massage-like sensation during treatment turns what might have been a challenging task into an enjoyable bonding experience. (Show us a dog who doesn’t like back scratches, and we’ll show you a cat.)

Safety First

Recognizing the importance of pets in our lives, safety is paramount. Dog Med Laser uses technology that has been rigorously tested and certified for human use, meeting strict medical equipment regulations. It is 100% safe, with zero adverse side effects, and requires no eye-protection (for pooch or parent) during use.

All of which adds up to a happy, pain-free pet. Discover cold laser therapy and the Dog Med Laser difference for yourself. Unlock the healing power of light for Lassie.

Dog Med Laser: cold laser therapy for dogs

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