7 Reasons Freeze-Dried Food and Treats Are #1!

7 Reasons Freeze-Dried Food and Treats Are #1!

Freeze-dried food and treats combine the convenience and safety of kibble with the flavors, nutrition, and health benefits of raw diets. Here are seven reasons to consider freeze-dried for your dog today!

Dog parents have many diets to choose from, including kibble, wet food, raw diets, dehydrated food, and freeze-dried. Freeze-dried is one of the newer kids on the block, but it’s quickly gaining traction among dog parents who want the best and safest nutrition for their pups. The freeze-drying process involves removing moisture from food as it freezes, and this process has numerous benefits. Let’s find out why freeze-dried dog food and treats are so great!

1. Outstanding Nutrition

Cooking food changes its chemical composition, so kibble, wet food, and even dehydrated food have less robust nutritional profiles than raw food. However, the freeze-drying process keeps those chemicals intact, meaning it doesn’t destroy vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. In other words, freeze-dried food is just as good as fresh!

2. Food Safety

Kibble and canned food are safe because the cooking process destroys pathogens. One of the drawbacks of a raw diet is that foodborne illnesses can contaminate food. Freeze-dried food combines the best of kibble and raw: it is safe like kibble because the freeze-drying process kills pathogens, and it retains the nutritional profile of raw food.

3. Health Benefits

Freeze-dried diets have the same health benefits as homemade raw diets without the worry that your dog might get sick. What’s more, commercial freeze-dried foods are made according to nutrition science for dogs, so they contain all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other micronutrients and macronutrients your pup needs to thrive.

4. Made with Real Food!

Real, whole food goes into high-quality freeze-dried recipes. We’re talking lamb, duck, chicken, apples, sweet potato, flax, eggs, and other ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen! There aren’t any fillers, by-products, or other ingredients your dog doesn’t need.

5. Can Be Great for Dogs with Allergies

Chicken and beef, beef and chicken: these are the proteins you’ll typically find in kibble and canned food. These are also some of the most common food allergens among dogs. On the other hand, many freeze-dried recipes use novel proteins, so they can be great for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities, especially if you rotate their proteins regularly.

6. Overall Yumminess!

One of the best things about freeze-dried food is how much your dog will love it! Once rehydrated, the food regains its flavor and structure, making it ideal for picky pups.

7. Convenience

Finally, freeze-dried food is convenient. It’s lightweight, shelf-stable, and has a long shelf life. It’s as easy as kibble because you don’t have to worry about portioning and freezing like you do with raw food, but you still get all the benefits of fresh food.

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