Pawz Dog Boots Review – Maximum Winter Protection

Pawz Dog Boots Review – Maximum Winter Protection

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Way back in 2016 we got Pawz Dog Boots for Stetson to protect his paws from the heat. Unfortunately, we did not write a Pawz Dog Boots review back then.

The good news is today we have a Pawz Dog Boots review for protecting against the cold.

Harley and Charlie put together todays review of the Pawz Dog Boots in their winter wonderland.

Pawz Dog Boots

UPDATE: This post was originally published on MyDogLikes on January 12th, 2015. We recently updated and republished here on

You’ve all seen dogs in boots before… and the hilarity that follows when they actually try to get around in them.

As silly as these videos can seem, dog booties are not simply a fashion statement, but a practical and essential part of keeping your dog safe and healthy throughout the year (yes, you heard me not just in the snow).

Pawz rubber dog boots logo

Exercise is essential to keeping our dogs fit and healthy and PawZ- Resusable, Disposable, Waterproof Dog Boots are the four season accessory that you need to have.

MyDogLikes Pawz Dog Boots Review! Pawz are a disposable, reusable and biodegradable dog boot!

Pawz dog boots are made of a natural biodegradable rubber and look a bit like deflated balloons before they are put on.

They are meant to be reused, yet are disposable so come in packs of 12.

Pawz Dog Boots Size Chart

Pawz are available for all different sizes of dogs, and they were kind enough to send us some of their large (black) dog booties for review!

We have been using (and loving) Pawz for several years now, so were very excited to give them a thorough spotlight!

PawZ are NOT your grandmother’s dog boots…

Its awkward…I feel ya.

Part of the reason that we get the awkward (yet delightful) videos seen above is because when dogs put traditional booties on, they can no longer feel the ground.

Every high stepping move is tempered; careful, yet completely erratic and crazy at the same time.

Pawz makes natural rubber dog boots that are disposable and reusable. They come in several different sizes and now in black!

Because PawZ are made of flexible rubber, each step that a dog takes is not only protected, but allows them to feel and grip the ground in the way that they are used to.

While the first time that you use them may make your dog do all sorts of silly things (like believe they are stuck to the ground), these silly episodes are short and fleeting.

As soon as you entice them with a treat or say the magic word W-A-L-K, they are off without a second thought!

Ready for a Walk with PAWZ Boots

While typical, high quality booties can cost upwards of $50, PawZ semi-disposable dog booties won’t break the bank, but will absolutely do the job!

Unlike their more traditional counterpart, where a lost or torn boot means a large re-investment (and a new set of boots), PawZ can be worn until one tears, or is inevitably lost, and a new boot from the pack of 12 can take its place!

Pawz makes Disposable Dog Booties that are also reusable. These are the only dog boots that have worked for us and our boys love how they allow them to feel the ground beneath them.

Even with daily walks in the winter (when we use them most), we have never gone through more than one pack in a season.

Though they may tear, we sometimes save those that simply have holes from nails etc, we just don’t use them when we need the water-proof seal they typically provide.

Pawz dog boots are waterproof and perfect for winter conditions. Protect those paws from ice, salt and snow!

How to use Pawz Dog Boots:

PawZ Dog Boots resemble a deflated balloon and easily stretch on (even with a wiggle butt puppy), while staying right where you need them during action.

Putting them on is easy and gets easier the more you do it!

PAWZ Dog Boot Stretch

I start by stretching out the opening of the boots. Next, I use one of my hands to squeeze the paw so that its nice and tight.

I then  carefully place the boot on the side of the paw closest to my hand, then stretch the opening over the remaining part of the paw.

Or…if you have a little time try this trick that our good friends at GoldenWoofs demonstrate here.

Putting on Pawz dog boots

HELPFUL HINT: If your pup is very interested in the boots while you try to put them on, try giving them a bone/kong filled with peanut butter so they are paying less attention to you.

A little preoccupied after getting them on?

Try telling them they are going for a W-A-L-K and/or giving them some training treats to distract them.

Soon, they will come to associate their boots with walks and might even start carrying them around!

Ready for a walk!

We’ve talked a lot – So why does your dog need these?

Your dogs paws aren’t as tough as you think

The pads of their feet may look invincible, but they are susceptible to the elements just like human skin.

This is especially true when winter rolls around.  It is very important to know the potential dangers that can be encountered this time of year and also what can be done about them!

(NOTE: Click here to learn how Pawz dog boots can protect your dog’s paws from the Summer heat!)

Pawz makes the perfect Dog Boots for Winter. These rubber boots are easy to put on and they stay on. They are also very affordable!
  • Winter Dangers:
    • Temperature – You know how your skin gets chapped and dry in the bitter cold?  Well it is no different for your dog.  The pads of their feet can crack and bleed in freezing temps – not surprising when you take into consideration that they have to walk directly on the snow and ice!
    • Snow Buildup – Take a close look at your dogs paws next time they come in from a walk or romp in the snow.  Chances are you will find a ball of ice or snow in between the pads of their feet.  This is especially true if you have a long hair dog.  This hair is like a magnet for the snow to clump onto and freeze.  Needless to say this buildup can cause significant discomfort and irritation.
    • Salt and Ice Melt – The salt and chemical ice melts that coat our sidewalks and roadways this time of year can be corrosive to your dogs paws.  Even more concerning is when your dog licks the residue of their irritated paws after coming inside!
Snow Pawz Booties

Why MyDogLikes Pawz Dog Boots

We have been using PawZ for more than 3 years now (check out our super old review here) and cannot say enough good things about them!

  • Protection
    • Weather – As we explained above, Pawz are perfect for protecting your dogs paws in all sorts of weather conditions (and other dangers that may coincide with this weather)
    • Allergens – For dogs with seasonal/contact allergies, these are heaven sent! The boys get to enjoy the great outdoors likes dogs should, and I know that they won’t have irritated, sore, and red paws later!
    • Water – Recently, when Charlie hurt his paw, we used PawZ to keep his bandage dry when going outside.
We were able to use a Pawz dog boot to help keep Charlie's bandage dry.
  • Traction
    • As Harley ages, it is getting more difficult to get up off the hardwood floors. Wearing PawZ around the house helps him when he is having a hard time by providing just a little bit of extra “stick”.
    • PawZ are also great for therapy dogs who are frequently walking around in hospitals, schools, or other buildings with glossy industrial floors. PawZ make them more stable and less likely to slip or put excess wear and tear on their joints.
Pawz are Dog Boots That Stay On! They are also reusable, disposable and very affordable!
  • Cleanliness
    • Not only does the waterproof nature of PawZ make for easy paw cleanup after a walk, but they also keep what I like to refer as their “under carraige” clean. No longer do they look the dirty wheel well of your car…When wearing PawZ very little water and debris is kicked up on to their bodies…..long hair dog moms and dads, you know what I mean!
Drying out a couple sets of Pawz Dog Booties. These rubber dog boots are disposable but reusable.
  • Value
    • High quality boots can cost upwards of $50 for a 4-pack. PawZ range in price from $10-18 for a 12 pack based on the size of your dog’s paws.
    • Though PawZs are advertised as disposable, I like to refer to them as semi-disposable. You get a shocking amount of wear out of each, but when something inevitably happens to one, its no sweat, just throw it out and replace it singularly!
    • Like all things, the life of the boot can be extended by taking time to clean-up after use like laying them flat and making sure they won’t stick together.
Pawz dog boot sizes
  • Environmental Impact
    • We absolutely love that Pawz dog boots are biodegradable, so you don’t have to feel bad when it is time to dispose of the old and swap in a new set!
Time for a Walk with PAWZ

 Interested in trying out Pawz for yourself?

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Pawz Dog Boots Review - Maximum Winter Protection

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